About Our Company

Transcom Sharaf is a specialized logistics service company which operates in the Southern Africa region and that provides fast, secure and reliable shipping, clearance, transport and warehousing services to support all of our customer’s logistics requirements.

Our head-office is based in Beira, Mozambique with offices in, Lilongwe Malawi, Tete, Mozambique, Harare, Zimbabwe and in Durban, South Africa.

The Company provides logistics expertise and is driven towards global competitiveness and sustainability for its customers.

Our mission is to DELIVER VALUE to our client. In whichever service we provide within the scope of services that we offer, we strive to deliver value to our client. Today Transcom Sharaf Group offers its clients a door to door logistics service with professional attention to detail.

The Transcom Sharaf facilities all operate with the latest cargo tracking software to provide on time, accurate information for all our customers.
The above is achieved by our loyal, motivated and focused staff using state of the art facilities and constant attention to the logistics detail.
The benefit to all clients is total peace of mind in the knowledge that the Transcom Sharaf Team is delivering on their behalf.

The Transcom Sharaf Team will provide a fast and efficient service that will fulfil our clients’ needs and exceed expectations. By doing so, we hope to add significant value to our clients’ business.

We would be delighted to hear from you, to discuss your transportation requirements.