The company started in Malawi in 2003 under the leadership of Guy Harvey, the CEO, and developed from Malawi into the regional operational structure of today. 

Malawi office serves as the primary export feeder to the Beira operation with Malawi’s primary agricultural crop.

Malawi currently is a team of nine people, under the leadership of Mitchell Caley . The first employee of the company, Priscilla Fazilhmed is still part of the Malawi team. Zurick Jussab and Fiskani Nyirenda heading up the departments of Operations and Shipping respectively.


Road – Southern Africa, containerized and break-bulk
Sea –
Warehousing & Distribution
Imports, & Exports


Agricultural inputs (fertiliser)
Agricultural food crops (chillies, pigeon peas)
General Goods Imports


Our People – Lilongwe

Registered office is located in Kanengo, Lilongwe, the industrial area, Plot 29/143 – 144 on the Auction Floors Road.

Mitchell Caley – General Manager 

Mitchell joined the Transcom Beira team in August 2017. He has been involved throughout Mozambique in the transport and supply chain sectors since 2015 working with various companies and holds a Honours Degree in Logistics. His appointment as General Manager for Malawi looks to transfer knowledge gained in Mozambique into the Malawian business sector to streamline the business focus.

Priscilla Fazilhmed – Office Admin

Administrator and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director – Joined Transcom in 2003 has witness the change and growth of the company into its current business model. Originally employed as a secretary and has evolved to a strong “all-rounder” and currently the pivot of all administrative and financial functions of the company. Priscilla is of a loyal and friendly disposition always ready to help; currently she is the longest serving employee in the company in the region.

Zurick Jussab – Operations Manager

Joined Transcom Sharaf Malawi in 2011. Zurick is dynamic, multilingual, very passionate about the company, her drive and determination to get the job done is very palpable; innovative in and executing logistic solutions. A strong friendly peoples person who has established a strong rapport with clients and service providers; always considerate of their communication needs. Works well under pressure and always rises to meet and handle challenges. Patient and diligent in dealing with trainee employees and developing their skill sets.

Fiskani Nyirenda – Shipping Manager

Joined Transcom Sharaf Malawi in January, 2004. Affectionately called “Fisher or Fish” by his colleagues and clients. Placid in nature with a determined personality. Unflappable in any stressful moment his attention to detail is a great advantage. Good communicator with strong customer relationships. Extensive experience in Sub-Saharan shipping and logistics.