Transcom Sharaf Logistica is the proud owner of a large warehousing and container terminal facility in Beira. We have a total of 30000 m2 of bonded warehousing split into different warehouses and across two sites . This allows us the flexibility of handling different products without the risk of cross contamination. We can also tailor our customer’s storage requirements to best satisfy each specific commodity. We are well equipped with our own container handling equipment, forklifts and team of 260 efficient and knowledgeable staff members to meet your needs.

We have developed an on-line cargo management and tracking system which is linked to all of our offices in the Southern African Region. The system allows and promotes real time updates, with automated updates sent to our clients daily as per individual requirements. This enables us to achieve greater productivity through the control of our dispatches and arrivals. It also allows clients to feel secure in the knowledge that we are constantly monitoring their cargo movements and giving automated real time feedback on it. The automated reports can be designed to relay exactly what each customer requires, in the format they desire and at time that best suits them.

We also have an substantial site and office in Tete, conveniently placed adjacent to the Mozambique Leaf Tobacco factory just a few hundred meters off the N7 highway. This assists with transport requiremnts for that region and facilitates our cargo movements to and from Zambia and Malawi. The site provides driver facilities and safe parking for goods transiting through or staging in Tete.


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