Ocean Freight

In conjunction with our partners Sharaf Shipping, we offer competitive ocean freight worldwide, with all major shipping lines. Our partners have offices in 70 countries worldwide.

Sharaf Shipping Website

Port Handling

Our experienced teams in Beira and Durban, ensure professional handling of all cargo through the port, ensuring safe delivery of cargo no matter how big or small.

Customs Clearance

Our online customs clearance systems ensure speedy processing
of all customs clearance formalities in all the regions. Including Bond Storage, transit clearance and local imports or exports.

Transit Clearance

Our online systems ensure trouble free movement of cargo through the Southern African Region.

Container Handling

Transcom Sharaf Beira Facility can accommodate 1,700 FEUs across both its sites with 1 x 35 ton Kalmars and 2 New Sany 45 ton container lifters.

Stuffing and De-Stuffing

Transcom Sharaf Beira Facilities have 16,000 m2 of hard stand area split between its 2 sites , that can be dedicated to container storage and the stuffing and de-stuffing of various products.There are further plans to increase this capacity by a further 10,000 m2 which will increase the hard standing to 26,000 m2 .These operations are  supported by 18 forklifts .

Warehousing and Storage

Transcom Sharaf Beira facilities offer 30000 m2 of warehousing. All equipped with automated fire protection and CCTV Cameras for added security of our client’s cargo.

Collateral Management

Our warehousing division is approved by all major international banks for collateral management. Products include tobacco, cotton, fertilizer and minerals.


Transcom Sharaf has partnered with international Fumigation company Eco2 to provide a high quality level of fumigation for its clients.Eco2 uses advanced pioneering technologies in the form of wireless sensors to read and record fumigation readings throughout the fumigation cycle.